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How to convert AutoCAD DWG/DXF/DWF files to PNG files

Please follow this manual to convert AutoCAD DWG/DXF/DWF files to PNG files:

1. Download FocusCAD DWG DXF DWF to Image Converter. After installation, click the desktop icon to launch the program.

Desktop Shortcut

2. Click the button "Add Files" to create the file list. You could also add files by folder with the button "Add Folder...". You could remove selected files from the list with the buttons "Delete Files" and "Delete All".

Input Files

3. Click the button "Options" for detailed settings as needed:

Output Sizes and Colors
SHX Directories
Output Layout
Line Width (Pen Width)

Quality Settings

4. Select the output format "PNG" in the dropdown menu of "Output Format". Or you could go to "Options - Output Options - Select output format" to choose the format you want.

Output Format PNG

5. Click "Output Folder" button to choose your output location.

Output Location

6. Click "Convert Now!" to process and when conversion is done, the PNG file would be built in your output location.

Start Conversion PNG


Why PNG?

PNG's compression is far better than GIF's compression. PNG images can be interlaced, which makes them appear faster and better-looking across modem connections. It is useful anywhere a lossless format is needed as it supports a large but carefully-chosen range of bit depths, from monochrome all the way to 64-bit color.

PNG supports variable transparency, so small buttons and the like can be displayed on any background and look good. PNG supports robust error detection, gamma correction, text chunks, etc. - none of which users should worry about for it's done behind their backs.



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